The Saddest Landscape in fase di registrazione. E scatta una polemica

Emanuele Giaconi 4 ottobre 2012 0

La Screamo band The Saddest Landscape ha annunciato via Facebook che questo weekend si chiuderà in studio per registrare nuovo materiale. Si tratterà di un EP in formato 12″. Il disco sarà poi rilasciato nei prossimi mesi.

Ma intanto, inaspettatamente, è partita una polemica proprio sulla pagina FB della band. Un utente ha rinfacciato a Andy Maddox, voce-chitarra nei TSL, di essersi comportato male con lui in passato in diverse occasioni. Si tratta di questioni legate ad artwork e design in generale per il merchandising ma non solo. Qui sotto tutto il commento di questo ragazzo. Vedremo cosa avrà da rispondere poi la band.

OK, all right… let me tell you a story about a band. Let’s just call them The Saddest Landscape for the record, ok? Well, here we have a band of thieves and liars. But please, let me explain: 

The main douchbag of that douchebad band, Mr Andy Maddox… oh, where should I start? His previous band, called the Last Forty Seconds? Well, OK. He toured Europe with that band. He never ever gave a hand loading or unloading the equipment. He came here with around $50 to his name, a few t-shirts, and some boxers. He never gave his band mates a red cent, he never said thank you for anything, he even went so far as to ask the promoters to pay HIM – before anyone else. Well, I thought that was a thing of the past. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

I thought so.

Mr Andy Maddox starts his new band, called The Saddest Landscape. I did a record with them. I did the design work for 4 f their records. For FREE. I did not get shit. I had to ask the label guys for my own free records. Well, that’s OK. These things happen. What should not happen… oh, wait a second. Isn’t The Fakest Landscape supposed to be all about LOVE? And all that emo crap? Oh, wait… it gets better!

But let me continue… The Saddest Landscape should be called the fakest landscape. Because this what they are. Andy Asshole Maddox decided to break each and every contact with someone he once called his friend, with someone who he invited to his very own WEDDING.


Well, I will tell you why… I did a record cover for them. Again. For a record called “You Will Not Survive”. I did the artwork, the layout, the design for them. I was being paid, yes – but the deal was: YOU ONLY USE THE DESIGN I MADE FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES. Ends up: my HANDMADE typography was used for like six million t-shirts, a flask (!), records I had no clue about… and, oh wait. Their new album. How could I forget?!

I was being told: “We can not afford you”. (Yes, I am designer. And yes, I do charge money for my work.) – But then again, whoah… someone else made the design. Turns out it is someone from a FUCKING POPULAR band. Turns out that this was used as a “selling point”. Fine.

Next step: said band starts a Kickstarter campaign to re-release their first two records. Fine. But.. SIXTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to put out two albums?! Who the fuck are you kidding? 

And yes, I am pissing on your legs. Let’s see what these assholes have to say. About time someone called you on your shit.

Link pagina Facebook.