6 questions 6: Japanther (USA)

Emanuele Giaconi 8 marzo 2014 0


A questo giro la band da intervistare l’ho beccata io e non l’amico Francesco. Ecco quindi le 6 domande 6 a un gruppo davvero tosto di Brooklyn, NY. I Japanther sono un duo geniale. Punk ridotto all’osso in una accezione fighetta, graffiante e dagli spigoli pop nel senso di orecchiabile, di facile ascolto, che cattura l’attenzione. Gentilissimi, mi hanno risposto subito e quindi andiamo a leggere cosa ci hanno raccontato. In coda, un po’ di info, video e tutto un po’.

1) Did you have it all written before entering the studio?

Our new record “Instant Money Magic” comes out April 15th, 2014 on Seayou Records from Vienna. This is one of the first LPs we’ve had written prior to recording. We even had time to perfect the songs on tour in front of crowds. For that reason I feel it’s one of the best examples of Japanther’s sound.

2) Tell more about the artwork of your new work.

The album art for “Instant Money Magic” was done by Kim Sielbeck. http://kimsielbeck.com She is a sailor and incredibly talented musician herself, in fact they used to call her Kimi Hendrix in high school. Check out her illustration work and her band Puppies (https://www.facebook.com/puppiesnyc/app_204974879526524)

3) Are there any members of the band involved in any side-projects currently?

I am in a band called Wild Citrus with some friends from LA. Very light, airy, funny — lemonade stand music.

4) Do you prefer playing bigger festivals for an audience who may not know your band, or do you like playing smaller shows with a more familiar fan base?

We prefer freeing the sound. Playing music every chance you can and in any circumstance. This creates the mistakes that it takes to illuminate great things. Authentic things are often awkward at first and sometimes forever. We play on bridges and on street corners in Manhattan. Festivals and squats worldwide.

5) So what bands are you impressed with these days? What music are you currently listening to?

I’m listening to Puppies this very second. I like my friends bands. Unstoppable Death Machines, RVIVR, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Sweat Lodge, Ghost Mice, Queen, lots of the DVDASA podcast. Bomb The Music Industry. Brannigan’s Law, Moses Campbell, Heller Keller, Can Of Beans, Joyce Manor etc…

6) Is there any band you’d drive 600 miles to see?

Living in New York City mostly the acts come to our backyard, but sure, i’d love to see Chief Keef in front of a home town crowd in Chicago or Three Six Mafia in Memphis would be worth the trip. Basically home town shows by groups with fanatic fan bases.