6 questions 6: Paper Arms (Australia)

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Paper Arms

Il nostro Francesco Usai ha parlato coi Paper Arms, validissima Punk band di Adelaide, Australia. Quartetto in giro dal 2008 e ormai con un buon seguito, i Paper Arms ci rispondono gentilmente alle famose 6 domande che per la terza volta proponiamo a una band internazionale, tra delucidazioni sull’ultimo lavoro prodotto e preferenze musicali. Sotto alle risposte trovate il loro bellissimo video uscito nel 2013.

1 – Did you have it all written before entering the studio?

We obviously aim to not be writing in the studio, but there is something about the studio that helps you really hear all the parts of a song properly for the first time. Puts it all under the microscope. So yeah, we’ll often change or add guitar parts as we go. I’m also a little slow writing lyrics, and there’s often a song or two that I’m finishing off in the room next door before I go in to track it. It’s funny, but the songs that get thrown together at the last minute often end up being the best ones.

2 – Tell more about the artwork.

We’ve always done our own art. Tom, our drummer and I (Josh) are both Graphic Designers and Mike our bass player is a photographer, so we like to try to do everything ourselves. All the photos from ‘The Smoke Will Clear’ are by Mike and all the design is by Tom. We went with that image cause it just seemed dark and brooding, but there was a light that was shining through regardless. We felt that represented the album well. They are songs that came from a dark place, focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel.

3 – Are there any members of the band involved in any side-projects currently?

I have an acoustic project. I really need to record some more songs, but at the moment there’s a few tracks online at www.facebook.com/joshmannowar . Also Tom and Mike have a side project called Sleeptalker (www.facebook.com/sleeptalkermusic) but they’re not really doing much at the moment.

4 – Do you prefer playing bigger festivals for an audience who may not know your band, or do you like playing smaller shows with a more familiar fan base?

Festivals are fun because we don’t play them very often and it’s a novelty. But at the end of the day, I’d much rather play to 100 people in a bar that love us than 1,000 people at a festival that don’t care.

5 – So what bands are you impressed with these days? What music are you currently listening to?

To be honest, I don’t really listen to a lot of new music unless it’s my friends bands at shows. I do however like a lot of the bands that Tiny Engines and Run For Cover are releasing lately. I made a list of my favourite releases from last year though and you can check it out here: www.killyourstereo.com/news/19842/feature-paper-arms-top-10-albums-of-2013/

6 – Is there any band you’d drive 600 miles to see?

I’ve done that several times. Ahaha. Probably the most for Propagandhi. They are one of my all time favourite bands and they went quiet for so long at one point that we thought they had broken up. Then they announced an Australian tour and my friends and I got so excited we bought tickets to maybe 9 shows around the country (and Australia is a big country) and followed them around. It was awesome and a little crazy, ahaha. I’ve also travelled to see Hot Water Music, Against Me and Texas Is The Reason. If Mineral ever do a reunion I guess I’ll have to get on a plane and go see that.

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